Fresh Garlic

We are a well known company across India selling premium quality raw garlics. We sell across India or even internationally. Garlic is considered to be healthy for the body as well as the skin.
It rejuvenates mind and keeps man physically fit. It is able to deliver approx. 200 calories of energy to the body per 100 gram. Our main subspecies include ophioscorodon and sativum. Both of these species are equal enough to rejuvenate mind but the amount of calories delivered to the body depends on the product. Sativum garlics are soft necked garlics and are of various use. Raw garlics are a very old crop of India and a well known plant internationally.

We are conscious of customer satisfaction. So we do not delay our delivery mechanisms. We start our order as soon as our customer tells us his intention to buy. Our CEO is keen to deliver good quality garlics to the customers with best type of packaging systems that could preserve this raw material for smoother delivery.

We are trusted among quality institutions and our products are verified by Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)