Fresh onion

Red onions are widely famous for its light sweeter taste and particular aroma. The juiciness of the inner part is enough to make our customer believe that our onions are fresh and sappy. Orderers can make out a difference between other manufacturers and us by smelling the raw pungent smell of our onions. Onions are handpicked from trusted farmers and agriculturalists from across the state/country. We do not sell defective or disgruntled samples of onion. Our onions have variety of sizes- our customers can choose from. All supplies are first segregated and then sold to our customers. We are keen to deliver excellent service to our buyers. Indian red onions can be stored for atleast 1-2 months at room temperature and it will not affect its effectiveness.

We export red onions to various states across India. We are also keen on delivering outside India on demand of trusted buyers. Our Employees are professionals who work on safety measures and packaging procedures that can preserve the vegetable until delivery. Our deliveries does not vary a gram less than the required amount.

We are trusted among quality institutions and our products are verified by Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)